Yah, so most of you know that I absolutely adore the idea of dressing up, yet I do not really do Halloween, so my costume wardrobe is… well, kinda non-existent. I wanted to see what I could do using stuff I only have at home… and maybe making some paper craft. :P Here is what I though of so far:

Tetra (from Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker and Phantom Hourglass)- I generally have stuff that could make me kind of look like Tetra (red bandana - kinda the shorts, purple shirt, etc). My hair is long enough now to do her weird hair loop thingy. I was thinking of getting my hair cut soon, but I could wait until I do this. I even have elf ears.

Linebeck (from Phantom Hourglass) - more for the lolz. I don’t think I have a coat like his though. :/ This would be my alternative to Tetra if I cut my hair first. lol

Kokiri (from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time) - hair long or short, doesn’t matter. Again, I have the elf ears. Also, I have a sleeveless turtleneck shirt and green shorts I could wear. I can’t borrow Caitlin’s boots anymore, so I would probably do brown knee-high socks.

Alice (in Wonderland) - my prom dress is my only actual costume I own. I could wear it and it would look nicer than some of these other ideas, but I’ve already done it and it’s the only costume I’ve ever really worn.

Belle (from Beauty and the Beast) - it wouldn’t be her yellow dress. It would be the blue one. This might turn out looking terrible though, so I probably won’t do this one.

Chell (from Portal/Portal 2) - I would probably do more of the second game outfit. I need to figure out something to do about the orange pants and white boots, but I have the rest of the outfit and even have the orange jacket to tie around my waist. I’ve also made plenty of Portal paper craft to help myself out a bit. :P

Banjo (from Banjo-Kazooie) - make myself some bear ears, and I have a brown shirt, brown knee-high socks, yellow shorts, and I could put some Rare-style goggly eyes on stuff.

Rocky - going off of the above one, Rocky from Lackadaisy would be fun too.

Pirate - your typical, overused, yet very easy (I seriously have EVERYTHING for it, including the hat) costume.

If you guys have any ideas (on what I’ve already posted or for new ideas), let me know. :P