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I apparently have more of my life to waste on Tumblr, so if you like a lot of these things, I’d love to follow some more blogs. :)

EDIT: As of like 325 notes, I can’t follow everyone, but I’m still looking through most of your blogs and following quite a few of them. I’ve followed like 100 in just a day, and my dash is packed. Still feel free to reblog, because I might find you to be totally awesome and want to follow you. :) 

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I can’t. I just can’t.

This is so beautiful!

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Just watched this episode

(shakes fist) Darn fairy!
And this is why I was obsessed with the PPG… well, not really. :P 

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Oh gosh. Him, what are you doing?

Oh gosh. Him, what are you doing?

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