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I apparently have more of my life to waste on Tumblr, so if you like a lot of these things, I’d love to follow some more blogs. :)

EDIT: As of like 325 notes, I can’t follow everyone, but I’m still looking through most of your blogs and following quite a few of them. I’ve followed like 100 in just a day, and my dash is packed. Still feel free to reblog, because I might find you to be totally awesome and want to follow you. :) 


So today (well, yesterday now) was pretty great. I took an online art history exam and got an A. I then went to Half-Price Books and bought a collection of stuff, including Disney art books and some Doctor Who stuff. My mom and I then picked up my grandmother, and we went to Krispy Kreme doughnuts, where I won a free one because I got the trivia question of the day right. In fact, I was the first one all day to get it right. (Q: Before Mickey Mouse, who was Disney’s pride and joy? A: Oswald the Lucky Rabbit)

I then was determined to finish The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, and I did at about 10pm. I have to admit that the ending did leave me a little bit unsatisfied, but it was not at all bad, and I really did love the game a lot. I still wanted to play Zelda though, so I decided now would be a good time to finally complete A Link to the Past on our SNES. I collected one of the pendents before quitting for the night and checking the internet.

And they say Friday the 13th is unlucky. :P 

What’s not to lol about this?

What’s not to lol about this?

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Zelda Characters // By: Melissa Somerville

Pretty. *_*

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So I hear there is this like pixel cat thingy that has a poptart or toast body or something random like that who just… I don’t know… flies through the air or something with a rainbow while this music that just repeats every 10 seconds plays. Seems pointless.

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